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Triple J Application is a dealer for Lime, Gypsum and Chicken Litter and has Variable Rate Technology. Our consultants Joe Wittler, John Bockey and John Bonifas are available to discuss the best soil nutrient program for your operation based on soil analysis.


Maintaining proper pH for plant growth is the cornerstone of a successful crop nutrient management program. Soil testing on your fields will determine the proper amount of lime necessary to correct the pH thus allowing more nutrients to become available.


To recondition heavy or hard subsoil types of soils our team can apply gypsum. This will loosen the soil by which creating air and moisture slots which breaks up the soil structure. This product will increase calcium without raising the pH.

Chicken litter

Offers a proven organic method of elevating your soil nutrient levels while also considering the economic value of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compared to that in synthetic fertilizers.

Grid Sampling

The field is mapped by GPS and soil samples are taken every 2.5 acres to determine nutrient deficiencies.Grid sampling results can be utilized for several years and by using our variable rate technology the fertilizer will be applied where the soil is lacking. This technology will increase yields which leads to more dollars in your pocket.

Whole Sampling

Based on the size of field - minimum amount of soil samples are taken. Whole sampling is an inexpensive method to determine the nutrients in which the field is lacking. This is a free service to the customer.

Our consultants will assist you with recommendations according to the soil test report to maximize your profits with the best soil nutrient program based on your lime, gypsum and chicken litter needs. Give us a call with your field locations to soil sample to see if the soil is lacking any nutrients.
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